About Claims

How to make a claim on your policy

You should react promptly and not wait. You can always add more information as the claim progresses.

Tip: It is better to notify us early of any potential problems. It will never count against you, if in the future it turns out to be a "false alarm".

Before you claim – scan this QuickStart guide to get ready and help make your claim application easier.

Loss or Damage to your DIO/MoD Home or MoD owned Contents

  • Call the DIO liaison/Families Officer and report it!
  • When it is safe to do so, take photographs or make notes on what happened, Get an incident number when you can.

Loss or Damage to your own Contents either at Home or away from Home

  • Take photographs where appropriate – if there are witnesses, take their names and a contact number.
  • For theft or loss please report this to the local police and get an incident number.
  • Inform your unit if any MoD property is included.

Theft of or Malicious damage to your Possessions or MoD Property Anywhere

  • If there has been loss or damage caused, take photographs if appropriate.
  • Contact the Military or Civilian police immediately and get an incident number.
  • Inform your commanding officer.

How to make a Legal Liability claim

If you have received a letter, email or call saying you are being sued or threatened with a legal action for injuring another person or accidentally damaging their property then:

  • Do not admit blame, apologise, or try to reason with anyone who is issuing legal threats.
  • Make notes on what has happened and everything you think is relevant.

When you are ready, make your Home and Contents claim.

How to make a Home and Contents claim

Use our online claim form.

Claims are handled by a specialist claims company, but if you have any questions you can call Services Family Support on 0800 029 3585.

How to make a Legal Expenses claim

Check whether you have support and cover by using the ARAG helpline. Details can be found on your Insurance Schedule document.

Use the ARAG online portal to begin your claim.

The portal has lots of useful information and support channels. Also, there are details in the Services Family Insurance Policy wording and your Insurance Schedule about what to do.

Fraud – Our Promise and Your Responsibility

You can trust us to pay fairly for claims; we trust you to make valid honest claims.

If you make a fraudulent or exaggerated claim, or make a false statement in support of a claim, or submit a false or forged document in support of a claim, then the insurer may refuse to pay the claim, whether or not the claim itself is genuine.