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UK Military Kit & Contents insurance

Thank you for visiting our site. We are not currently offering quotes on Military Kit and Contents.

We are upgrading our quote platform and anticipate relaunching our policy with a new UK insurer in the New Year.

Already a customer? we can assure you that your cover is safe and unaffected by any of these changes. Your details are available by logging in as normal.

If you already have a new quote, please be advised that the quote will only be valid until 31 Dec 21.

We are available by email or phone 0800 029 3585 if you have any questions. Please follow our Twitter or Facebook accounts for updates of our new policy offering.

What is covered?

  • Your kit and contents, License to Occupy (buildings cover), or both, while you live in MoD accommodation including SSFA and SSSA.
  • Your family, deployments, temporary duty, separated service, students at college.
  • Your possessions (inc. valuables, uniforms, gadgets & music kit etc).
  • Possessions in and outside the home.
  • New for Old.
  • Accidental damage cover (in and outside the home).
  • Specialist cycles including race bikes, electric 'assisted' bikes and other sports kit.
  • March-in/March-out, in-transit or storage losses.
  • Legal & Liability Covers.
  • Worldwide cover.

Full details of our cover, exclusions and T&Cs can be found in our policy wording.

What level of cover?

  • You choose the cover you want:
    • Kit & Contents or,
    • Home, Kit & Contents or,
    • Buildings only (LTO).
  • Up to £100,000 for your personal possessions.
  • Specialist cycles (up to £20,000).
  • Military kit cover (up to £25,000) is standard.
  • Legal expenses cover (up to £75,000) is standard.
  • Public Liability cover (up to £3m) is standard.
  • Building cover (LTO) as required by MoD (£20,000) if selected.

For example; £89/year* minimum contents premium will cover you up to £7,000 of possessions and £2,000 of gadgets in you SLA. Your premium will vary with your insured contents but not your location.

Why choose Services Family?

  • No surprise "add-ons" - all cover included as standard.
  • A tailored all-round package designed for your lifestyle.
  • Flexibility.
  • Secure and quick online application.
  • UK-based claims service.
  • A veteran's business that speaks your language.
  • Proud member of the Armed Forces Covenant.

"The quotation process was so quick and easy. The information provided was very straight forward, and was able to give me 'like for like' information without a lengthy process. Helpful and friendly Customer Service, and a saving of £150 from my previous insurer! Highly Recommended!" – Gemma

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

The policy "moves with me" - what does that mean and what do I have to do when I move home on posting?

Our policy will cover you in all service family accommodation (SFA) and single living accommodation (SLA) (including substitute SFA (SSFA) and substitute SLA (SSSA)) in the UK, EU, Sovereign Base Areas, and The Falklands. It is flexible and so whether you stay for 18 months or keep moving every few months, you are covered.

If you move out of MoD accommodation you will not be covered and you need to tell us. We can refund, pro rata, any unused premium unless you have made a claim on this policy. You will need a civilian insurance policy for that new home. Every year, we will ask you to confirm where you live and to check that the value of your possessions has not changed. You will have to confirm this online or by email. If you do move in the middle of the year it will help you if you let us know as it will avoid cross checking if you have a loss. It is not compulsory – but a good idea.

I live in a BFPO, can I insure my overseas home online?

We can insure your home and contents, but we will need to do some additional checks on the address.

If you live in a BFPO address or overseas MQ, SSFA or SSSA, we have to do some additional verification. You can apply online and we'll send you an email with a click to buy link when we're done - usually inside 48hrs.

Is my kit covered in transit when I'm posted?


If you have a lot of possessions, your contents will be covered by the professional relocation firm you hire. However, we cover your possessions if you move them yourself in your car or in a hire vehicle. BUT it must not be left unattended whilst in transit and cannot be left in the vehicle overnight except in a secure location – check the policy wording for all the T&C's.

Are my kit and possessions covered on deployment?

Yes, provided they are authorised to be with you on deployment.

If you take a personal item, like a Mobile Phone, which is not authorised for you to take in the deployment order, then it will not be covered under the policy.

How do I renew the policy?

The policy renews automatically, but we will email you to remind you that the policy is due for renewal, so that you can let us know of any changes. It is especially important that you let us know if you are leaving the Service because the policy will no longer cover after you have left. You will need a civilian insurance policy from that point onwards.

Other than that, you do not have to reply to renew the policy unless there are changes.

What do I need to make a claim?

You will have to provide as much information as possible to support your claim.

You will need to be able to explain the circumstances and description of loss or damage. If you have receipts or photographs of items to support your claim this will help the investigator to reach a decision. For big ticket items over £4000 you will need a valuation report to support your claim. We suggest you up load the receipt and the EMEI number during the quote process so that if the worst happens and you lose it - you can get things moving quickly.

For lost or stolen items

Report your loss as soon as you discover it to the civilian or military police and get an incident number.

For claims in the home

If your claim is for March-In/Out, Buildings damage or Contents damage caused by a water leak or building issue please get a description of the issue from the housing office.

What do I do if I lose my phone?

First you should report the loss, ASAP!

Report your loss to the police (if you think it might have been stolen) or to your CO/military police because your phone may have information which could be a security risk to you or your comrades if it falls into the wrong hands. You should quickly contact the provider and get the phone blocked, you can often do this online.

You can also make a claim

When making a claim the process will be much smoother and easier if you have a receipt and an EMEI number (the unique number which identifies your device).

When you take out our insurance you can upload these details in the quote process for safekeeping. Then, if the worst happens and you lose it - you can get things moving quickly.

If you haven't got the EMEI number then you can find it on your device easily. iPhone: in Settings 'about' or on the SIM Tray. Samsung & Android: *#06# .

Is it OK if a family member moves in with me?

Yes. That is fine and they will be covered by the policy

We need to know if there will be more than 4 children in the home. Children are persons 16 years old and under. If your family grows, just log into your account, and add the person to the details of your cover. Remember to include their personal possessions in your insured contents totals. Any significant change in value insured may change the premium you pay.

If you have more than 4 adults in the house please give us a ring on 0800 029 3585 and let us know, it will not change your premium unless the value of your contents insured changes significantly.

Will the cost of the policy change?

The cost may change if you alter your sum insured (because you have more or less stuff, or you buy a valuable item), or if the overall risk to MoD property changes, or there is a change in insurance premium tax. Therefore, we review these and the premium you pay regularly.

What is the excess and how much is it?

The excess is the amount that you contribute to a claim.

You do not have to pay the excess as it is deducted from the amount of money you get back from the claim.